Surprising Uses For Self-Storage Units

Whether a homeowner or a business owner, you may be surprised at how advantageous it is to use a self-storage unit. Consider some times when these units may be a good choice for your storage needs and how they can actually save you money when it comes to the cost of storing certain items.

1. For storing paperwork and files

While many businesses today store their records electronically, some professionals such as lawyers and accountants may still need to have actual paper records on hand for many years. These records can take up quite a bit of space in an office even though they are rarely accessed.

Renting a climate-controlled self-storage unit is a good solution for a business. This keeps the paperwork safe and secure while not wasting valuable office space for filing cabinets and storage boxes. Renting a larger office just to have adequate storage for paperwork can be expensive, but it’s an unnecessary expense when compared to renting a self-storage unit.

2. For storing out-of-season gear and equipment

When you live in a small home or apartment and have lots of sporting goods and equipment, you may consider moving just to be able to store your items and keep them out from underfoot. A better solution may be a self-storage unit where you can keep your out-of-season items. During winter you can store your camping equipment and bikes, and during summer you can put away your skis and snowboards.

Using plastic storage bins can also allow you to store out-of-season clothing and other accessories that go with your gear. You can put away your snow boots and winter coats during summer so you can free up space in your closets as well as in your garage or apartment.

3. For putting away your expensive toys

If you own an ATV, motorcycle, snowmobile or other expensive toy, you know you want to keep it safe and secure. However, you may not have room in your garage, and a backyard shed doesn’t offer much security.

Rather than expanding your garage or having a specialty shed installed, you might instead store your expensive toys in a self-storage unit. These usually have 24-hour surveillance cameras and even guards on duty day and night. They may be a much more secure location than your backyard shed and will open up the space you do have in your garage at home.

Consider these surprising uses for self-storage units for your home or your business. They can actually save you money versus the cost of increasing storage space at home or in the office.

Author: Barbara Goodwin

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