Need Help For Buying A Home At Auction? – A Homebuyer’s Guide

Have you been disappointed when the home you so desperately wanted to buy goes to another bidder at auction? Do you tend to avoid looking at properties for sale by auction even when they are the very ones you would love?

An increasing number of property owners are now opting to sell at auction. You need to participate to give yourself the widest range and allow you to select from the best the market has to offer. These tips will help you overcome your uncertainty and give you the confidence to take part in the world of home auctions.

Do Your Homework

Gather as much information you can get your hands on about the properties that interest you:

  • Talk to neighbours and explore the locality
  • Research recent sales in the area
  • Speak with agents
  • Set a realistic price that you are prepared to pay and absolutely stick to it!

Tip: Avoid setting your limit at a round number just like most people tend to do. If you are able to bid a little over other bidders’ limits, it gives you an advantage and the extra likelihood of a winning bid.

Watch and Learn

Go to lots of auctions and see how they work. Take note of how all the participant’s behave. Watch the buyers, sellers and auctioneers to gain a few insights into their actions during the event.

Find out about the selling agent for your desired property and observe the techniques of the particular auctioneer. You may detect certain moves and catch phrases they use as they become near to selling the property.

Check Documentation Thoroughly

When you have decided you are ready to buy a property,

  • Arrange for a solicitor to go though the contract of sale before auction day to ensure that everything is in order.
  • Have your finances organised and be able to complete the sale if you are the winning bidder. Remember, you are legally obliged to settle as the purchaser.

Perhaps you do not have the time to do the necessary legwork and preparation. Maybe the entire auction process is entirely out of your comfort zone. Fortunately there is a service especially designed to help those in your situation.

Know That You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

A buyers’ agent can do it all for you. They will research properties that match your requirements and bid at auction on your behalf.

The professional service removes all the stress and emotional tension of bidding from your shoulders. The high pressure environment and anxiety of knowing that so much money is at stake is no longer your concern.

Your buyer’s agent is thoroughly in tune with the market and has the know-how to bid strategically as your advocate.

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Author: Barbara Goodwin

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