Selecting Secure Self Storage

Using self storage facilities is convenient and fairly affordable. Choosing the best option can however be challenging because of the number of businesses offering the service in Launceston. Since your ultimate desire is to keep your goods safe, here are the factors which should be considered to ensure that this goal is attained.


All self storage facilities have security measures installed to ensure that unauthorized persons do not gain access. Over the last few years, most companies have installed CCTV monitoring components to advance the surveillance. It is important to appraise the facility in order to determine whether the cameras cover the pertinent area sufficiently. You should ensure that the surveillance measure is always on and that there is an onsite manager to constantly monitor the facility. The main entrance should also have controlled access with computerized or human security. This will ensure that only tenants and authorized personnel can enter the storage facility.


It is essential for you to view the self storage units before leasing one even for a short period. Ensure that the construction is sturdy and that the materials used can withstand harsh conditions. Storage spaces in Tasmania are often vulnerable to the varying weather and condensation, so consider choosing units constructed from concrete. A solid building will also prevent destructive pests from accessing your items and causing unlimited damage. In addition, a resilient unit is an additional security measure against illegal entrance of unscrupulous persons.

Loading Access

When you want to rent self storage, positioning is a very important factor especially when a lot of goods are involved. Consider the distance between your rental space and the loading bay. If it is relatively long, there should be a structure to protect against bad weather. There are other additional features that can make the unloading and loading task easier including no-steps access and availability of trolleys. Choose your personal space carefully so that you will not have to negotiate around a lot of corridors. It is also important to note that the opening and closing times will vary among storage companies.  Several facilities in Launceston offer twenty-four hour admittance to the tenants courtesy of computerized key cards. Others have regular operating hours which can be inconvenient for working tenants.

There are other considerations including the cost and the exact location of the self storage facility. However, the security and protection of your goods should be always be evaluated above all else.

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Author: Barbara Goodwin

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