Identifying And Effectively Dealing With Termites

Termites cause an untold amount of damage to properties every year. The majority of termites set up burrows and colonies in the earth, a couple of feet under the surface. When out hunting for food sources, the termites may come across a property. Part of their main food source is cellulose, and this substance is found in wood. As many properties have wood at the foundation level, the termites move in and begin to cause damage. How to confirm that you have termites, and looking at a couple of effective ways to remove them is examined in this article.


It is important to confirm that you do have termites, as it can sometimes be easy to get termites mixed up with other insects, such as flying ants. The sooner you can identify the pest, the quicker you can deal with them. This quick action can often be enough to prevent any real damage. If you are having trouble collecting a specimen, you can use a bait trap. This is a trap that uses scraps of wood to entice, and then trap, the termite in. The traps should be placed close to where you can see several termites moving or gathering. Alternatively, you can bury them under the ground, around the perimeter of your property. Using the traps will allow you to confirm the type of pest and move on to the elimination stage.

Attack From Within

Reusing the same traps can also help you to deliver one heavy and fatal blow to the colony. Toxins and poisons available from DIY stores can be placed in baits that are then added to the traps. After placing or burying the traps, the termites will ingest the bait filled toxin, and take it back to the colony. This toxin is slowly released as the termite dies, infecting and killing the whole colony. In many cases, this is enough to stop the termites altogether.

Liquid Covering

The other very effective way to stop a termite infestation is to purchase a liquid termiticide. Using a bottle and pump spray system, this liquid can be used to dowse over the wood at the foundations of the property as well as the soil surrounding the property. The chemicals instantly kill any termites, and the smell helps to ward off other termites. In some cases, the foundations of a property will have to be dug and drilled out before the  termiticide can be applied.

The key to avoiding heavy and expensive termite damage is swift identification, and carrying out an effective treatment plan. For more information, check out companies such as Frontline Termite & Pest Control.

Author: Barbara Goodwin

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