Three Things Your 24 Hour Locksmith Can Do For You

When you think of a 24 hour locksmith you likely think of calling them to get into your home or car after hours. You may not think about what happens if the locksmith can’t get into the lock or if there is another problem. Before you begin to panic, think about these three things that your 24 hour locksmith can do for you besides simply getting you into your home or car.

Cut New Keys

Sometimes you may have the key but it isn’t working on your lock. This can be due to several reasons. One of the reasons is that something is stuck in the lock mechanism, but another reason can be the key itself. Over time your key may dull or it may become damaged. This damage or dulling can cause the key to no longer work because it can’t trip the locking mechanism. Your locksmith can identify if this is the issue and cut you a new key, having you back in your home or car quickly and easily.

Unlock Safes

Everyone has that moment where they forget the combination to their safe or their passcode. They become flustered and feel like they are typing it in properly but aren’t. This can be due to many factors including someone in the house changing the code or a reset being tripped on a digital safe.

If this has happened to you, your 24 hour locksmith can help you get into the safe fairly easily and without having to cut or damage the safe. Most locksmiths have access to the reset codes for many manufactured safes. This means they can use their reference tools, find the reset and unlock the safe for you.

Lock Installation

If you have domestic issues, including roommate related issues, and you find yourself needing to changer the locks after hours, then your 24 hour locksmith can help. They can arrive at your home, remove the current locking system and replace it with a new system within a few hours. You will have the new keys or passcodes (if it is a digital system) and be able to sleep well knowing you’re safe and secure.

Remember, most 24 hour locksmith companies have the ability to help you with a majority of your lock and safe needs. If you have a lock need that you feel is out of the ordinary, such as a digitally locked safe, then make sure your locksmith of choice can handle it before you call them out. For more information, contact a company like Amalgamated Locksmiths.

Author: Barbara Goodwin

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