Waste That Could Cause Plumbing Issues In Your Home

It is very tempting to dispose of things in the toilet—you simply dump it and flush it away. The toilet is meant for human waste; however, there are many things that end up in the toilet that could lead to serious plumbing issues. Most people flush these things down the toilet not knowing the risks. Discussed below are some of the things that should never make their way into the toilet and the reasons why they are unsuitable for this form of waste disposal.

Bathroom Wipes

These moist towels are mainly used for babies; however, adult wipes have become popular and many people prefer them to tissue paper. Some of these towels are marketed to be disposed in the toilet. However, these moist towels are responsible for clogs and back-up in the sewage system. Several trade groups have lobbied together in the recent past insisting that a “do-not-flush” sign should be added on the packaging.


Condoms seem small and harmless to your waste system. However, the latex material is the kryptonite for sewage treatment plants. Once they make their way down the system, they get filled with air. This causes major clogs in the sewer system

Prescription Medication

Once you are done taking your pills, most people will simply flush them down the toilet. In most cases their intention is to keep them out of reach of children. However, flushing them down the toilet destroys useful bacteria and the ground water supplies become contaminated. This then has a severe effect on the environment and wildlife downstream.

Cotton Balls and Swabs

Cotton seems very light and tiny and you may think it will have no effect when flushed down the toilet. However, as you continue to flush down small balls of cotton and swabs they accumulate and become soggy. Cotton balls do not break down once they get into the watery pipeline. They gather together in the pipes causing major blockages.

Dental Floss

Dental floss may appear like small harmless strings. However, these strings are not biodegradable. Once you flush it the toilet, it wraps itself around the piping causing tiny but instant clogs.

Fats, Grease and Oil

At one point you may have drained fats and oils in the toilet or kitchen sink. Cooking fats should never be disposed of in the drainage systems. Oils appear to be liquid when they are hot, however, once they get to the drain they cool down and congeal, becoming clogging wax. This clogs your drainage system and could cause massive blockages. Scrape fat off and dispose it with the rest of the trash.


Author: Barbara Goodwin

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