3 Surprising Signs That It’s Time to Call for Pest Control

Don’t assume that if your house is infested with pests of any kind that you’ll be able to actually see them scurry across your carpeting. In many cases rodents and bugs are good at hiding themselves behind walls and cupboards and can hear you coming in time to get out of sight, so that you may have mice or roaches or other pests and not even realize it.

In most cases these pests leave telltale signs of their presence so you can determine that it’s time to call for an exterminator. Note a few surprising signs of an infestation in your home.

1. Your pets acting strangely

Pets can smell the odor of mice and rats, and the urine of these rodents as well. Cats especially will react if you have mice in the home; they may smell them behind the walls and sit patiently on the other side, waiting for them to emerge. Remember that rodents are a cat’s prey, so it will want to chase mice and rats. Dogs too are protective of a home so they may bark or growl when you have rodents. Both types of animals may also chase bugs that you can’t see, so if you see your pets acting strangely or seeming to chase something along the baseboards of your home, call an exterminator.

2. Strange sounds

Never assume that a scratching sound you hear is a tree branch outside your home—often, this means you have mice. This is especially true if you hear scratching coming from anywhere near the kitchen. Mice will scratch with their sharp claws to try to open packaging and containers, or scratch at the walls to make holes to get through. Rustling sounds typically mean that you have a snake in the home, and these mostly come from the basement or backrooms as the snake tries to get out and rubs itself along the walls or any items you have blocking its way.

3. Unexplained spots in the home

Roaches leave droppings that may smear across the cabinets or floors as they walk and crawl around your things. These may look like large round drops that are typically brown or black in color. If you notice these in your kitchen, don’t assume they’re water spots or simply food residue. It’s always good to call an exterminator and have him or her determine if you have roaches in the home, or if these droppings are a sign of another type of bug infestation. You can then have your home treated properly (by a company such as Stewarts Pest Control) and have it safe and clean.

Author: Barbara Goodwin

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