Inexpensive Accommodations When You’re On Vacation

One of the biggest expenses when you go on a trip is your accommodation. Where you stay often dictates how much you can do when you’re on vacation, so if you have a tight budget, you probably want to lodge somewhere that’s affordable and safe at the same time. If you’re looking for accommodation that doesn’t include low budget hotels or motels, here are some ideas you can consider for your next trip.

Hosted Room Rental — There are a ton of companies online now that allow you to rent a room in a house, flat or condominium wherever you’re going. You can even score a deal on a studio apartment if the stars align, but the main thing is that you can book your room for a night, a week and sometimes even as long as a month. Just remember that flexibility is the key when you rent a room, because in many cases, the owner will also be on premises, so you may end up having to share the kitchen and bathroom, but you will be paying much less per night than you would have at a hotel, and you also gain valuable insight into the country where you are staying because the host can offer you tips and places to see that are off the usual tourist track.

Hostels — Hostels are legendary for those who are backpacking through several countries, because you can find hostels nearly everywhere, including smaller cities that aren’t standard tourist traps. In the old days, hostels were always shared-room accommodations in which you would have as many as six other travelers sleeping in a space, but modern hostels have become more like hotels in that you can book private rooms for slightly more money, but still below what you’d pay for a hotel room. Hostels aren’t bare bones either, offering TV, cable and air-conditioning, based on your individual needs. If you are on a really tight budget, you can go completely bare-bones, staying in a hostel dorm room with multiple guests, no TV, shared bathrooms and that’s about it. Those types of hostels are very cheap and perfect if you are only using the room to sleep, and the next morning you are out exploring the city, or on your way to another destination.

House Exchange — Another inexpensive accommodation when you travel is to arrange a house exchange, also known as a vacation swap. With this type of accommodation, you join an online house exchange community, and search for appropriate housing in the country or city where you are traveling. Once you find a match with a community member who wants to visit your country, you make the arrangements for the exchange, and you get to stay in a fully-furnished home for free, while your home is being occupied by the other person or family.

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Author: Barbara Goodwin

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